Short Biography

In a baroque style duet fusing European folklore with jangling blues roots, Dr Mojo & Mr G emulate flamboyant characters from the XIXth century Romantic literature.

Their set, a cabinet of curiosities, plays a key role, ever evolving due to the free hand given to improvisation allows their repertoire of self-penned compositions and well-loved covers to often transform into sketches, circus acts or comedia del arte.

Whilst the edgy and impetuous “Doctor Mojo” sings and play harmonica or Jew’s harp, the moody and mysterious “Mr G” plays varied guitars and piano. A curious sonic combination which leaves no-one indifferent to what could be described as an unholy musical marriage between Tom Waits, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Serge Gainsbourg…to name but a few of their inspirations.

Complete Biography

It was back in February 2012, when at a chance encounter at the “Bar des Druids” in Molsheim between The Doctors front man “Dr Mojo” (aka Yvan Dantzer) met Parisian sideman Eric Gracient (JL Murat, Marianne James, Lio, Patrick Coutin) it soon became clear that the pair shared a passion and enthusiasm for writing and performance that could not be limited to a mere conversation.

Fired by influences such as Dr Feelgood’s pub-rock energy, the haunting songs of The Doors, Eastern European folk music coupled with French songs from the 1960’s, the pair subsequently composed the bulk of the next “The Doctors” Album.

Soon after, at the 2013 Estivales d’Obernai Festival, the band played the album’s songs live to the acclaim of both, the audience and the headline act, Dr. Feelgood, who later invited the band to join them on stage for the Grand Finale. In truth, the pair had written so much more than could actually be used that night that they decided to form a new band, “Dr. Mojo & the Blackstars” that might be a fresh vehicle capable of doing their compositions justice. With more than a tip of the hat to the style of David Bowie, the band would otherwise find itself a described as a fusion of styles incorporating Lee Brilleaux, The Stranglers and The Who

Whilst this worked well, the pair realised that yet more distant and exciting possibilities could be entertained as a duo, and so was born the concept of “Dr Mojo & Mr G”

With Yvan on vocal duties coupled with the harmonica, Jew’s harp and percussion and Eric playing the Dobro, guitars, and keyboards the pair have been freed to create a “Cabinet of Curiosities” which takes the audience on a heady musical riot incorporating their shared love for fantastic literature from the end of the XIXth and the beginning of the XXth century, Oscar Wilde, R.L Stevenson, Rimbaud, Apollinaire, Jean Ray or Lewis Caroll and the music of Eric Satie, Igor Starvinsky, or more laterly Screamin Jay Hawkins, Lou Reed, Jacques Higelin, Gainsbourg, Tom Waits, The Stranglers, The Beatles or Screamin Lord Sutch, Dr Feelgood (of course!) The Damned, la Comedia del arte and circus performance.